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Handmade Large Size Christmas Night Lights


Still looking for Christmas decorations? You must not miss these wooden animal night lights!

Elk decoration is the most popular animal decoration every winter!Elk wooden crafts add a natural forest accent to your personal space.

They feature a beautiful, hollowed-out hardwood front. Our vivid wooden animal figurines are the perfect decoration for shelves, cabinets, tables, fireplaces, etc.

Wolf Night Light is a great gift for father, husband, son.

Carefully mechanical engraved from premium multi-layer boxwood with a forest scene, the art sculpture boasts a unique look, fine in details and safe without burrs.

The Grizzlies are the sweetest gifts this Christmas. Grizzly will always protect its children!

This sound activation light version has 8 different colors, which can change colors with music rhythm. Comes with a controller to adjust color and brightness.

Night light has 8 different colors, which can change colors with music rhythm. Comes with a controller to adjust color and brightness.

Product Size:

Elk: 15.8*15.8 inches
Butterfly: 15.8*15.8 inches
Wolf: 15.8*15.8 inches
Grizzly: 15.8*15.8 inches 
Turtle:15.8*15.8 inches


What kind of wood is used in the product?

-We use White Oak for most products

How long does it take to receive the product after placing an order?

-It usually takes 3 business days for order handling and 5-9 business days for shipping.

What to do if the received product is damaged or does not meet expectations?

-We will deal with all after-sales issues within 15 days of receiving the goods. As long as you are not satisfied with our work, you can unconditionally return it to us for a refund


Note: The end result may be slightly different from the pictures, because the sculpture is carved and painted by hand, and it is impossible to obtain identical pieces. But this is the beauty of the sculptures made by hand. Each piece is unique.